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Our bags are made by Martha and Jesus, mother and son, who are Otomí artisans. They are experts in their traditional weaving technique and have integrated the Huichol style with glass beads and bright colors. It takes about a week to create the pattern that will then be put together to become a Mexycandi bag.

Our artisans spend up to 40 hours weaving and putting together each piece. Because they are handmade with artisanal techniques, there are no two bags a like, which makes each piece completely unique.

 Your MexyCandi bag is made:

With: + 30,000 glass beads
Handmade by: Jesus & Martha. Which is why you’re the only persona in the world who has this exact bag.
Remember: It is waterproof, it’s bendy and light.

 Thank you for buying MexyCandi!